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The Commonwealth Countries

New Zealand (Aotearoa) – The Land of The Long White Cloud – is praised as one of this world’s most breathtaking places. From the rough alpines of Mount Cook and Mount Ruapehu to the majestic fiordlands in the southernmost parts of the country, New Zealand will surely appease nature lovers of any age.

Unleash your inner fandom by revisiting and rediscovering the world of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth in real life through the various locations shot and processed in-country. Be on the lookout and attend the many rugby leagues that pepper/litter/populate/dot the country. Expose yourself to the infamously emotional haka and feel the spirits of your ancestors.

Whether you’re a nature lover, bewitched by the One Ring of Power, an adrenaline junkie, or a cultural fanatic, New Zealand has it all for you.

new zealand, mural, maori

Sounds like a dream? We can help you make it a reality. Contact us to find out more about visiting, studying, working, and living in New Zealand!

Welcome to the land down under – Australia!

Rediscover yourself with the spiritual and cultural sites of the country in this highly urbanised yet vastly wild nation.

Learn more about life and experience the world’s largest ecosystem at The Great Barrier Reef. Go skiing in the various snow capped alps this side of the hemisphere. Feel the majestic Pacific through the many towns and cities that dot the country’s coastline. From major cities to smaller beach towns, there’s a place to appreciate the Aussie coastline for everyone. Visit the heaps of animals you can find nowhere else but in the Australian bush; enjoy Australia’s finest world renowned wines in the heart of the country. With its wide variety of wine regions, you’re sure to find a bottle (or two) to suit your tastes.

Enjoying the benefits of being a sovereign country, Australia functions within a federal parliamentary system under The Queen (Elizabeth II). Currently, Australia is known for a wide variety of industries. The most notable of which are Viticulture – the process of cultivating and harvesting grapes for the purposes of wine, travel and tourism, and mining. The benefits from these industries (along with those from other industries) allow for Australia to thrive as a highly urbanised country despite majority of the continent being untouched and barren land.

Get drunk in love with Australia’s beautiful locations and stunning natural formations whilst still enjoying the comforts of urban life.

melbourne, brighton, beach

Ready to go down under? We can help you get there. Contact us to learn more about vistiting, studying, working, and living in Australia.

Canada – The Great White North – known for politeness, maple syrup, and beautiful landscapes; is one of the world’s leading countries in terms of immigration. Experience receiving apologies from any direction at any time of the day and feel welcomed by the warm and unfailing politeness of the Canadian people. Dive right in to delectable sweetness with various maple syrup inspired recipes made using this abundant natural sweetener. Embrace nature and the country’s abundant wildlife in Canada’s many national and regional parks. Take a chance at seeing The Northern Lights in the vast untouched wilderness of Canada.

As a country part of the commonwealth, Canada functions under The Queen (Elizabeth II) through a parliamentary system of government. The Queen’s presence is felt throughout Canada through her representative, Canada’s Governor-General – a posting appointed by The Queen herself! Enjoy what Canada has to offer through its main industries within the service sector, manufacturing, and natural resources. All of which allows Canada to enjoy one of the highest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) results worldwide – and thus a higher quality of life.

Take the wheel and veer off the beaten path. Explore the largely uninhabited Canada and take in some of the country’s breathtaking views.

waterfall, canada, landscape

Excited to go on a roadtrip? Contact us to find out more about visiting, studying, working, and living in Canada.

Get four countries for the price of one when you travel to the United Kingdom. With the rich and vibrant cultures of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, you will definitely have an amazing time waddling through the many possible activities.

Experience the home of various sports such as Rugby, Football, Cricket, Tennis, and the like. Visit breathtaking natural and man made sites, from the Stonehenge to The White Cliffs of Dover to the Big Ben. Study in one of the United Kingdom’s top educational institutions from the over 100 universities all across the country.

Being the homeland of The Queen (Elizabeth II) and the rest of the UK Royal Family, the United Kingdom operates within a constitutional monarchy and functions under the parliamentary system. As one of Europe’s hubs for finance and culture, the United Kingdom flourishes in the industries of banking and finance, travel and tourism, steel, energy, and transportation. These help allow the United Kingdom to enjoy being one of the world’s leading economies and a higher quality of life.

The sun never sets as you travel and experience the United Kingdom’s awe inspiring natural beauty and culture.

london, bus, red

Want to wander about? Contact us to know more about visiting, studying, working, and living in The United Kingdom.

Get to know the luck of the Irish when you visit Ireland. Explore Ireland’s beer breweries and experience the various beers the country is known for. If you want something stronger, try the many varieties of Irish whiskey. Travel back into the past by visiting Ireland’s many spiritual and man made sites such as The Great Skellig and The Giant’s Causeway.

Functioning as a constitutional republic, The Republic of Ireland operates within a parliamentary system under the publicly elected president. This president then proceeds to appoint the nominated Taoiseach (prime minister). Ireland may be known for its merry and festive lifestyle through its food and beverage products, but it is also one of the world’s leaders in terms of chemistry and pharmaceuticals, information and communication technologies, and other medical sectors.

Enjoy and be merry in Ireland’s rich culture and enjoy the luck of the Irish.

ireland, castle, nature

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